Section 8 Housing Lists in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Section 8 housing lists include properties that meet HUD’s standards and accept program vouchers. To be considered for placement on Section 8 house listings, homes must be secure and suitable for inhabitance and meet all requirements for the Housing Choice Voucher program. Section 8 apartment listings should be reviewed by residents who meet the low-income guidelines of the program and need suitable housing. A Section 8 rental housing list may be available for reference through the respective Public Housing Authority website. Before renting a home from the list of Section 8 houses, a PHA representative must confirm that it meets specific requirements. For an approved recipient to use HVC vouchers, the list of Section 8 rentals must meet his or her personalized requirements set by the PHA including unit size and location. HCV voucher recipients should also learn how to read Section 8 house listings properly to understand the properties’ important characteristics. To find out more about Section 8 housing lists in Pennsylvania, where to find apartment listings and HUD rental-property requirements, review the information provided.

Section 8 Housing Lists in Pennsylvania

Program recipients interested in browsing Pennsylvania Section 8 housing lists should visit the PHA websites in the locations where they are on the waiting list or have been approved for benefits. Looking through Section 8 house listings in the correct area is important because HCV vouchers can only be used in approved locations. If a PHA does not offer a Section 8 rental housing list in PA, then an HCV program beneficiary can find rentals by other means including local publications or rental companies, but they must be approved by a PHA representative before signing leases.

HCV program beneficiaries should create a Section 8 rental housing list to keep prospective rental homes organized while searching. When making a list of Section 8 houses in Pennsylvania, a potential tenant should ensure he or she is only choosing properties that meet the PHA’s guidelines including the size of the unit, security features and monthly rent pricing. It is important for beneficiaries to choose from the list of Section 8 rentals quickly since HCV vouchers provide an expiration date. The time to find suitable Section 8 house listings in PA may be extended if there are extenuating circumstances, such as a competitive local rental market or a family emergency. To learn more about searching the Section 8 rental housing list and what may constitute a voucher expiration extension through a PHA, download our comprehensive online guide.

Finding Pennsylvania Section 8 Apartment Listings

In addition to the Pennsylvania Section 8 housing lists, eligible applicants can browse apartment listings. These Section 8 listings can have lower monthly rental fees compared to houses and may fit the beneficiary’s unit-size or budget requirements. When browsing Section 8 apartment listings, residents should note that they must select an apartment that fits into the guidelines set by the PHA. The Section 8 apartment listings offer crucial information for potential tenants including the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the unit. After meeting the Section 8 eligibility requirements, the PHA informs approved applicants on the number of bedrooms their housing may have.

Each Section 8 house listing also includes the monthly rental price and contact information for the apartment manager. When looking through a list of Section 8 apartments in PA, potential tenants should review the monthly rent to ensure it fits within their budgets before contacting the property managers. Some Section 8 housing lists also include interior and exterior pictures of apartments so potential tenants can learn more about properties before visiting them.

Qualifications for Pennsylvania Section 8 House Listings

For inclusion in PA Section 8 housing lists, rental homes must meet specific security and maintenance standards set by HUD. To ensure the Section 8 house listings meet these requirements, a PHA representative inspects each rental property before approving it for use with HCV program vouchers. Several requirements properties must meet to be included in the Section 8 rental housing list in Pennsylvania, some include:

  • Sanitary conditions
  • Space and security
  • Thermal environment
  • Reliable water supply
  • Smoke detectors

Homes added to the list of Section 8 houses must also provide electricity, functional exterior doors that are lockable, quality interior air, refuse disposal and private sanitary facilities that dispose of human waste properly. Additionally, Section 8 house listings must provide food preparation areas in a sanitary kitchen with an adequate and working oven and refrigerator. Public housing must also meet the requirements set by the Fair Housing Act, which specifies housing rights for tenants with disabilities.

When creating a Section 8 homes list in PA, an HCV program recipient must follow the criteria set by the PHA to ensure the prospective properties will pass inspection and rent subsidies can be used. A list of Section 8 houses made by an HCV program beneficiary should only include those that meet the criteria set by the PHA. For example, a family of four may need to select housing with two or more bedrooms whereas a family of five may be limited to listings with a minimum of three bedrooms. Potential tenants can ask for assistance from PHAs when browsing Section 8 house listings if they do not fully understand the property requirements or need help reading the listing information. To learn more about the Section 8 rental housing list in Pennsylvania and the requirements set by HUD and local PHAs, download our free and informative guide.

What Is the Housing and Urban Development Department?

The Housing and Urban Development Department provides a variety of assistance programs to help you realize your dream of homeownership. The HUD also offers housing assistance in the form of Section 8 benefits to low-income families interested in renting. Find out how you can own or rent a home with government assistance by downloading our comprehensive housing guide.

How Can I Apply for Assistance Through the Housing and Urban Development Department?

In order to obtain housing benefits, you must submit an assistance form via an approved application method in Pennsylvania. Additionally, certain housing programs like Section 8 require further considerations, such as ensuring there are open spots on the state’s housing waiting list. To learn the easiest ways to apply for housing benefits, and to determine your eligibility for housing programs in GA, download our guide.