How to File a Housing Discrimination Complaint in Pennsylvania

When housing discrimination complaints in Pennsylvania are filed with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the department takes action to investigate the claims. All residents should review how to file a housing discrimination complaint in Pennsylvania because it is crucial to report discriminatory behaviors by housing providers, homeowner or lenders in the state. The housing discrimination complaint process leads the reporter and the accused through an investigation that allows both parties to explain their sides of the case. Since there are many different types of housing discrimination that may occur, HUD suggests that residents report claims to the department if they feel their equal rights were violated in any way. HUD responds to PA housing discrimination complaints promptly because the department is responsible for upholding the laws of the Fair Housing Act and ensuring they are enforced throughout the country. To learn more about the types of housing discrimination in Pennsylvania, why filing a claim is so important for the integrity of the housing industry and what happens when a claim is filed, review the following information.

Types of Housing Discrimination in Pennsylvania

The housing discrimination complaint process should be followed by a resident who feels he or she was not treated equally during a housing transaction. A PA housing discrimination complaint is important to file with HUD if a housing provider, property manager, landlord, homeowner or loan officer exhibited discriminatory behavior against the potential renter, current tenant or potential homebuyer. Housing discrimination can occur in the private housing industry as well as in public housing sector. HUD enforces the Fair Housing Act, so housing discrimination complaints should be filed with the department if a resident feels he or she was discriminated against in regards to his or her:

  • Age.
  • Gender or gender stereotype.
  • National origin, race or color.
  • Religion.
  • Disability or veteran status.

A Pennsylvania housing discrimination claim can also be made through HUD if a resident was discriminated against due to familial status. This housing discrimination may occur if a resident experiences discrimination due to being pregnant or having children in the family younger than 18 years of age. Additionally, housing discrimination claims can be filed with HUD by disabled tenants if housing providers are not willing to allow for reasonable modifications or accommodations to rental homes. Residents should learn how to file a housing discrimination complaint in Pennsylvania if they observe discriminatory behavior within the real estate or mortgage industries. To learn more about the types of housing discrimination in Pennsylvania and what actions in a housing or financial transaction constitute the filing of a claim, review our informative online guide.

Why You Should File Pennsylvania Housing Discrimination Complaints

If you feel you have a valid reason to file a housing discrimination complaint in Pennsylvania, then you should contact HUD immediately to report the incident. When housing discrimination complaints are not filed, the violator can continue to discriminate against potential homebuyers or renters. Following the housing discrimination complaint process in PA is the only way to stop a discriminatory lender, housing provider or homeowner from mistreating another resident unfairly.

Housing discrimination complaints in PA should be filed with HUD when you are refused the purchase or rental of a home based on a discriminatory factor. You should also file a home discrimination claim if a loan officer refused to provide you loan option information or complete a mortgage application for you because of discrimination. Another type of housing discrimination in Pennsylvania that warrants filing a claim is if a housing provider changes the fees or tenant-eligibility guidelines for a rental because of a discriminatory reason.

How to File a Housing Discrimination Complaint in Pennsylvania

Housing discrimination complaints in PA can be filed through HUD online, or you can file a claim by contacting the nearest HUD office by phone. Before attempting to file a housing discrimination claim with HUD, you should be ready to provide extensive information, including:

  • Your name and address.
  • The name, address and contact information for the person you are filing the housing discrimination claim against.
  • The address of the home or property involved.
  • The date of the alleged discriminatory incident.
  • A short description of the housing discrimination that occurred and why you believe your Fair Housing Act rights were violated.

You will be prompted to enter this information needed for a housing discrimination complaint filing into the online form, which is electronically submitted to the department upon completion. The next step in the Pennsylvania housing discrimination complaint process includes contact from a HUD representative. HUD will also contact the alleged violator to extend the opportunity to respond to the claim.

If the housing discrimination claim violates a local law that can be enforced by a state agency, then HUD may transfer the complaint to the respective state department for investigation. If not, then the housing discrimination claim process moves on to include a chance at a conciliatory agreement between both parties. Your housing discrimination complaints in PA are settled if you and the violator agree to a conciliation. If the housing discrimination complaint is settled with a conciliatory agreement but one party violates the agreement, then HUD may refer the case to the Attorney General for further legal action. Depending on the types of housing discrimination involved in the case, HUD may also refer the claim to the Attorney General for a hearing if conciliation cannot be successfully completed or the investigation cannot be finalized.

To find out more about how to file a housing discrimination complaint in Pennsylvania and the next steps in the process, download our comprehensive online guide.

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