Pennsylvania Department of Housing and Urban Development FAQs

  1. Can FHA offer financial assistance other than home loans?
    The FHA offers specific home loan programs for eligible applicants including manufactured or mobile home financing. The FHA also offers financial help for seniors with reverse mortgage options. Additionally, there is FHA financing offered for homeowners who want to make their homes more energy efficient.

  3. When I pay taxes, does the money go to the FHA so they can offer these loan options and programs?
    No. The FHA is a part of HUD and is fully self-funded. It costs tax payers nothing and operates through self-generated income from Mortgage Insurance Premium charges on FHA loans that borrowers pay each month. FHA also invests in the community by providing jobs and construction throughout local areas.

  5. I need foreclosure assistance advice, but I do not want to visit a housing counseling agency. Are there other options?
    For free foreclosure counseling by phone, you can call 1-888-995-HOPE (4673). Foreclosure assistance and avoidance information are provided by phone from an experienced counselor for no charge, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  7. I am homeless and need advice on how to regain financial independence. Will I be charged a fee through HUD’s housing counseling agency?
    Agencies are not authorized to charge a fee when providing counseling for residents on foreclosure avoidance or homelessness. If a housing counseling agency is charging for advice in one of these two categories, then they should be reported to HUD’s Office of Housing Counseling.

  9. I agreed to conciliation after a housing discrimination complaint, but the housing provider violated the agreement. What can I do?
    If the conciliation agreement is violated, then you should contact HUD again to file a formal complaint. HUD may forward the case to the Attorney General so you can pursue further legal action against the housing provider. Download our free guide to find out more about filing a housing discrimination complaint and disability housing rights.

  11. Am I required to obtain a home inspection before I purchase a HUD home?
    It is not a mandatory requirement for you to obtain a home inspection before purchasing a HUD home. However, HUD encourages all potential homebuyers to complete professional home inspections before agreeing to purchase terms to ensure they know the repairs that need to be made to the home.

  13. Can I finance my HUD home through HUD?
    HUD does not offer financing options for homes. However, HUD insures FHA loans, which you may obtain through a lender if you meet certain qualifications.

  15. I qualify for HCV program vouchers through one PHA but not through another. Why is that?
    The Section 8 guidelines for income are based on median income within a certain location. PHAs can have different low-income eligibility requirements depending on the location’s calculated median income.

  17. Why does the PHA need information on my family’s assets for the HCV program application?
    The PHA uses this information to determine the family’s need for HCV program assistance. All information listed on the application will be verified.

  19. I asked HUD about my eligibility for the HCV program and they referred me to a local PHA. Why?
    You must apply for the HCV program through a local PHA because the low-income limits may be different in each location. You can learn about the specific income requirements from the PHA in the area where you live. Since each PHA may have different application methods, you can also find out how to apply for housing assistance if you meet the eligibility requirements.

  21. How is my annual income calculated by a PHA for the HCV program?
    Your annual income is determined by a PHA using the full amount before taxes, deductions or overtime pay. When determining eligibility for the HCV program, deductions are subtracted from the family’s total anticipated gross income to calculate the annual income used.

  23. If I receive food stamps from the government, then will that monthly benefit be included in my income calculation for the HCV program?
    No. You must disclose the government assistance benefits that you currently receive. However, the PHA will not use food stamps when calculating your family’s income.

  25. I have been on the PHA’s waiting list for a long time. Will I ever receive HCV program benefits?
    Contact the local PHA to check your status on the waiting list. If your family has any income or characteristic changes, then let the PHA know as soon as possible. These changes could qualify you for local preferences, allowing you to move up on the waiting list.

  27. I want to apply for HCV program benefits through a local PHA, but it is not accepting new applications. Why is this?
    A PHA will close its waiting list if the wait has become too extensive. When a waiting list is closed, the PHA will not accept new applicants for the HCV program. You can contact the PHA to ask if they know if the waiting list will open anytime soon.

  29. The PHA denied me benefits after inspecting the home I want to rent using HCV vouchers. Why did it not pass inspection?
    The home you rent using HCV program benefits must meet HUD’s safety and sanitary standards. Additionally, PHAs can add their own rules for home inspection. If the home you want to rent did not pass inspection, then you can ask the PHA representative why and attempt to locate a new home that meets all standards. Find out what HUD’s standards for housing are and how to apply for benefits by downloading our comprehensive guide.

  31. Can I rent a home for six months using HCV program vouchers?
    If you plan to rent a home using HCV program benefits, then you must sign a lease for at least one year after you and the home are approved for the program.

  33. I rent a home from a private homeowner. Does the Fair Housing Act still apply to me?
  34. The Fair Housing Act must be upheld by both private and public housing providers. Disability rights and reasonable accommodations and modifications also apply to both private and public housing and must be observed by all housing providers.

  35. How is HUD involved in my local Continuum of Care program?
    HUD makes grants to local governments and community agencies to so they can create a program through the Continuum of Care that meets their community’s homeless needs. By allowing these local agencies to create their own programs, local homelessness issues are addressed more effectively and efficiently.

  37. Can I still enroll in the HUD-VASH program if I receive supportive services through the VA Medical Center but do not meet the PHA’s low-income guidelines?
    No. You must meet the low-income guidelines set by the PHA for the HCV program to receive HUD-VASH benefits. If your income is too high, then you cannot enroll to receive housing benefits through HUD-VASH.

  39. As a low-income senior resident, can I benefit from the Section 202 program?
    Not directly. The Section 202 program provides benefits for nonprofit organizations planning to build, purchase or rehabilitate low-income senior housing communities. When these communities are completed, eligible senior residents can occupy them for lower rents.

What Is the Housing and Urban Development Department?

The Housing and Urban Development Department provides a variety of assistance programs to help you realize your dream of homeownership. The HUD also offers housing assistance in the form of Section 8 benefits to low-income families interested in renting. Find out how you can own or rent a home with government assistance by downloading our comprehensive housing guide.

How Can I Apply for Assistance Through the Housing and Urban Development Department?

In order to obtain housing benefits, you must submit an assistance form via an approved application method in Pennsylvania. Additionally, certain housing programs like Section 8 require further considerations, such as ensuring there are open spots on the state’s housing waiting list. To learn the easiest ways to apply for housing benefits, and to determine your eligibility for housing programs in GA, download our guide.