Pennsylvania Birth Records

A Pennsylvania birth record is the first vital record a person born in the state receives, which documents the details of his or her birth. Birth certificates are your first form of legal identification and are essential for everyday life. An original birth certificate is first completed by a medical professional upon the birth and contains detailed information regarding the baby’s parentage, weight, ethnicity and so forth. After this document is filed with the state, copies of the certificate can be requested online, by mail or in person at a local Division of Vital Records office. Birth records are available for every birth that has occurred in Pennsylvania since 1906. A certified birth certificate possesses the official state seal and contains basic information such as the registrant’s name, parents’ names, the place of birth and the date of birth. This certificate can be used for various purposes and should be stored in personal records. Learn more about obtaining a copy of birth certificate records by reading the sections below.

Get Your Pennsylvania Birth Certificates Online

The easiest way to apply for a birth certificate in PA is by making a request online. You can complete an online birth certificate application at your convenience from almost any internet-connected device. Additionally, an online birth certificate form accepts all major credit cards as payment, so you know you can send your order without the hassle of figuring out payment methods. To complete the order for a certificate of birth, all you have to do is submit a photocopy of a valid ID along with the signed request form. Your order will be received within 24 hours and processed quickly so your birth certificate copy can be mailed out and delivered within a couple of weeks. Order your certified birth certificate online today through a trusted third-party provider.

Order Pennsylvania Birth Records by Mail

You can order birth certificate records by mail, but you would first have to print a copy of the vital record application form from online or pick up an application at a Division of Vital Records office in Pennsylvania. Obtaining a copy of birth certificate records through this method is often more work since you could easily just complete the application online instead of printing it out. Furthermore, to obtain birth certificate copies by mail means waiting a few days for the Vital Records office to receive your request and then waiting a few more weeks more your order to be fulfilled and sent to you. With this process, your order could easily be delayed and is harder to track.

Request a Pennsylvania Certificate of Birth in Person

If you choose to obtain a duplicate of birth certificate documents through a walk in, then you will have to visit one of the public offices of the Division of Vital Records. It is usually inconvenient to order a birth certificate in person because most people have to take time off work to go to the office since the Division of Vital Records is only open during business hours, Monday through Friday. Additionally, you may run into traffic or long lines in your attempt to visit the Vital Records office. Consider submitting your request for a PA certified birth certificate online since you will not have to worry about long lines or taking time off work. Order a replacement birth certificate online through a secure third-party vendor now.

Who can order a birth certificate in Pennsylvania?

Other than the individual named on the birth certificate, only individuals with particular relation to that person are eligible to request a certified copy of a birth certificate. Furthermore, the individual named on the PA birth certificate must be 18 years of age or older to place an order for his or her birth certificate. Immediate family member able to request a copy of a birth certificate include the following:

  • Spouse
  • Parent
  • Sibling
  • Grandparent or great-grandparent (specify whether paternal or maternal)
  • Son or daughter
  • Grandchild or great-grandchild

Stepparents or stepchildren are also eligible to order birth certificates as long as they submit a copy of a marriage record that confirms their relationship with the registrant. Additionally, a legal representative of the person named on the birth certificate may submit a request for a certified copy through a Power of Attorney document. A POA request for a birth certificate is only acceptable when the registrant or immediate family members are unable to obtain the document. To order the certificate of birth through POA, the attorney must provide a written explanation and a notarized document with a signature of approval from the parties involved. A POA cannot be used if the person named on the birth certificate is deceased.

Uses for Birth Certificates in Pennsylvania

A certified birth certificate is used for many different official purposes and serves first and foremost as legal identification. Once you have a copy of birth certificate records for your child, you can apply for a Social Security Number and card for him or her. Pennsylvania birth certificates can also be utilized to obtain a state-issued identification card, a driver’s license or a passport if you wish to travel abroad.

Children usually need a copy of a birth certificate to enroll in school or register for age-specific recreations. Certain employers may request a birth certificate copy to verify your identity and establish your ability to work in the country. Since your birth record carries important details about your identity and can be used to establish other forms of identification, you should keep your certificate in a safe space.

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