Wrongful Termination in Pennsylvania

If an employee has been wrongfully terminated from a job in Pennsylvania, he or she may be able to take legal action. Wrongful termination in Pennsylvania is usually limited to situations in which an employee was fired because of a protected characteristic or in retaliation for an action the employee has taken against an employer. The Department of Labor and Industry offers protections if an employer believes he or she was wrongfully fired, and the Department can assist the employee in making a legal claim.

The question of “What is a wrongful termination?” often depends on whether the employee was fired for certain reasons. If an employee is wrongfully terminated because of age, religion, race or national origin, disability or veteran status, sex or gender, he or she may be able to file a report with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Equal Employment Opportunity laws prohibit discrimination based on these and other protected factors.

Any substantiated claim of wrongful dismissal based on these protected characteristics can be investigated by the EEOC. If an employee is wrongfully fired from job responsibilities because of discrimination, he or she should make a claim with the EEOC as soon as possible. Employees will be asked to provide any evidence of discrimination and wrongful termination, and the EEOC will conduct its own investigation.

Wrongful termination in Pennsylvania can also be established if an employee filed a complaint against an employer and was fired as a repercussion. If an employee is wrongfully terminated from job duties after making a good-faith report of wrongdoing at work, he or she may have legal recourse. These protections extend to include employees who have yet to make a complaint or have only taken steps to make a report.

Whistleblower laws in Pennsylvania protect employees from retaliation in the form of wrongful dismissal if the employee reported suspected ethical, moral or legal infractions, waste, breaches of regulatory violations or professional misconduct to an employer or any appropriate authority. Employees who believe they were wrongfully terminated as revenge for making a complaint or participating in an ongoing investigation can report this immediately to the EEOC.

Legal and Illegal Terminations in Pennsylvania

There are many types of legal termination in Pennsylvania because the state has at-will employment laws, which mean that unless an employee has a contract, he or she can be terminated at any time for any reason that is not considered unlawful. Types of legal termination of employment in PA include layoffs, reductions in force and firing for cause. Illegal termination of employment occurs when an employee is fired because of discrimination or retribution by the employer. Employees may be terminated with no reason given so long as discrimination or retribution is not suspected. Read More

At-Will Employment and Exceptions in Pennsylvania

“Is Pennsylvania an at will state?” Although at will employment exceptions in Pennsylvania do exist, it is considered an at-will employment state. There are three major exceptions to at will employment, and states may adopt these exceptions as they wish. Exceptions to at will employment have been established to protect you if you are terminated for a reason that directly contradicts public policy, after an implied contract has been established or by a termination not made in good faith. Read More

How to File a Wrongful Termination Discrimination Charge in Pennsylvania

You should consider filing a charge of discrimination in Pennsylvania if you were terminated from employment for an illegal reason. Learning how to file a charge of employment discrimination is the first step in gaining potential reparations for wrongful termination. You have a limited timeframe to file these charges with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC). Once you have filed a charge of employment discrimination in PA, the EEOC or PHRC will investigate your claims and determine if the charge is warranted. Read More

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