How to Prepare for the Unemployment Insurance Interview in Pennsylvania

An unemployment phone interview in Pennsylvania is not conducted for every application for unemployment benefits. Generally, claimants and employers will only need to prepare for the questions asked during unemployment interview meetings if there is discrepancy in their statements regarding the reason for an applicant’s unemployment or if the agreed upon cause is not considered a qualifying separation under the unemployment benefits program. When the PA Department of Labor & Industry finds conflicting information during the processing of an applicant’s request for unemployment benefits or a potentially disqualifying cause of separation, it will assign a representative to interview both the claimant and the relevant employer to resolve the issue. It is essential that both claimant and employer prepare for the unemployment insurance interview to make certain that they are equipped to provide accurate information. During the PA unemployment interview, knowingly furnishing the Office of Unemployment Compensation or its departmental representative with false information is a crime.

Scheduling an Unemployment Phone Interview in Pennsylvania

An unemployment interview with employer representatives is scheduled by a Department of Labor & Industry representative when there is a disagreement about the reasons for an applicant’s separation or when the stated cause of separation disqualifies an applicant for unemployment insurance benefits. The representative schedules a Pennsylvania unemployment interview with claimant petitioners over the identified concerns at the same time. If the Office of Unemployment Compensation (UC) has already begun issuing an applicant benefits prior to the recognition of a potential eligibility issue, those payments will continue uninterrupted until the issue is resolved and official written documentation of the resolution is provided.

Before the unemployment compensation interview in PA, an Advance Notice will be delivered notifying recipients that their cases have come under review. Recipients will be offered an opportunity to clarify the situation from their point of view using a questionnaire. The unemployment interview with a claimant will then verify or further investigate the information provided in the original application and the follow-up questionnaire.

Prior to scheduling an unemployment interview with employer representatives, the Department of Labor & Industry will offer the employer the same opportunity to furnish documentation in regards to the relevant issues. The employer will be asked to designate a representative for the case and to confirm basic information from the original application. The employer’s representative will be advised as to how he or she can provide the UC representative with additional documentation, the importance of doing so in a timely fashion and the potential consequences of failing to respond adequately and accurately. To learn about information commonly needed for the unemployment benefits interview in Pennsylvania, you can download our comprehensive guide today.

The purpose of the unemployment phone interview in Pennsylvania is to resolve the differences in eligibility information provided by each party or to verify that the agreed-upon cause of separation is, in fact, disqualifying and that benefits have been incorrectly awarded. Attendance on the unemployment insurance interview call is mandatory for both employers and claimants. If either party cannot attend at the scheduled date and time, they must contact the Office of Unemployment Compensation Representative promptly to reschedule.

At the conclusion of the unemployment interview with employer and claimant, the Department of Labor & Industry will decide, based on the new and/or additional information garnered from the questionnaires and interview, to uphold a recipient’s benefits, to revise those benefits or to discontinue them. If the results of the PA unemployment interview are revised or discontinued, a written notice will be issued and the recipient will have the right to initiate an unemployment claim appeal in response to the decision.

Questions Asked During an Unemployment Interview in Pennsylvania

How to pass the unemployment insurance interview is typically a very serious matter of concern for all parties mandated to attend. “What questions are asked during unemployment interviews in Pennsylvania?” becomes a question of primary importance and is often the first thing individuals scheduled for the call seek to find out. Many unemployment benefits recipients and their employers are relieved to discover that a majority of the questions posed are simply verifications of the information provided in the original claim. In the unemployment telephone interview, the Office of Unemployment Compensation representative will confirm that both parties are in agreement about certain key facts. The UC representative will follow up on points of disagreement during the unemployment claims interview specific to the point and any documentation either party submitted to clarify or support their claims. In preparation for the unemployment insurance interview in PA, employers typically submit copies of employment contracts, training records, disciplinary reports or employee handbooks to support their arguments. Recipients, by turn, may point to a lack of such documentation or provide their own documents substantiating their claims.

Ultimately, the best way for all parties to prepare for the unemployment insurance interview in Pennsylvania is to be careful and attentive to detail during the initial completion of an unemployment benefits application. By ensuring that all details were completely and correctly filled out and keeping a copy of the submitting documentation, both applicants and employers will be well positioned to provide accurate and timely answers in the interview. Once a PA unemployment phone interview has been scheduled, both parties can further prepare by gathering and promptly submitting any supporting documentation they have and thinking through their arguments to ensure they can clearly and articulately state their position to the Department representative. To learn more about preparing for the unemployment insurance interview as an employer or a claimant, you can download our complimentary guide today.

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