Unemployment Insurance Fraud and Consequences in Pennsylvania

Unemployment insurance fraud in Pennsylvania occurs when an applicant collects unemployment benefits based on inaccurate or fraudulent information. Many residents do not understand that UI fraud is a punishable offense and can carry very serious consequences. Unemployment insurance fraud penalties can range in degree, with some offering jail time as a result. Unemployment benefits fraud is considered fraud no matter the state, and violators will be punished as according to state law. Prospective beneficiaries who are filling out an unemployment application should be aware of unemployment fraud and ways to avoid benefits fraud. It is equally as important to report someone committing unemployment insurance fraud if the circumstance should arise. To obtain more information and learn how to report unemployment insurance fraud in PA, continue reading the sections below.

What is Pennsylvania unemployment insurance fraud?

Pennsylvania unemployment fraud can occur for a variety of reasons beyond fraudulently reporting information on an application. UI benefits fraud may include receiving benefits from the state while simultaneously pursuing work on the side. Examples of UI fraud in PA include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • A beneficiary continues to collect UI benefits after returning to work or finding a new job.
  • A beneficiary works part-time but does not report earnings to the state while collecting unemployment benefits.
  • A beneficiary works a temporary job and does not report the earnings on the weekly claim.
  • An applicant fills out fraudulent information on the application in order to receive more benefits.
  • A beneficiary withholds information or provides false information to obtain or increase benefit amounts.

Any beneficiary who collects unemployment insurance benefits becomes legally responsible for following the Pennsylvania laws associated with unemployment benefits. A penalty for unemployment fraud can be assessed on those who commit fraud.

What are the unemployment insurance fraud penalties in Pennsylvania?

Unemployment insurance fraud penalties in Pennsylvania can range depending on the offense. However, UI fraud is punishable by law, as both felony and misdemeanor offenses. The penalty for unemployment fraud is not worth the increase in benefits, as violators can face serious penalties and consequences to their record. Penalties for unemployment benefits fraud can include prosecution by government officials, possible jail or prison time, repaying the UI frauds benefits that were collected plus additional fines and penalties, forfeiting any future income tax refunds in order to pay back benefits and losing eligibility to collect unemployment in the future. Knowing each penalty for unemployment fraud should be enough to prevent any actionable offenses from occurring. To find out more regarding unemployment insurance penalties for fraud in Pennsylvania, download our comprehensive guide today.

How to Avoid Committing Unemployment Benefits Fraud in Pennsylvania

There may be beneficiaries who are committing unemployment insurance fraud in Pennsylvania without even knowing it. In order to make sure that UI compensation fraud is not being committed, all applicants should understand the ways in which benefits fraud can be avoided. To avoid PA unemployment insurance fraud penalties, make sure to report all gross wages earned no matter the job. Temporary jobs, part-time jobs, contract work, self-employment—all should be reported during the weekly claims. It is also important to report those wages during the actual week worked. Reporting late is considered UI benefit fraud and can open a beneficiary up for investigation. Make sure to keep a record of all wages and work earned each day in order to have proper documentation if need be. Avoiding unemployment benefits fraud can often be as simple as telling the truth in any circumstance and situation when applying for or claiming benefits for unemployment.

How to Report Unemployment Insurance Fraud in Pennsylvania

Applicants can learn how to report unemployment insurance fraud in Pennsylvania in case they suspect they have committed fraud by accident, or if they know of someone committing UI fraud. Oftentimes, unemployment benefits fraud occurs unintentionally. However, it will still need to be reported. Also, reporting someone committing unemployment insurance fraud is important. For beneficiaries who think that they may have unintentionally committed unemployment fraud, calling the Pennsylvania Fraud hotline is suggested as the best option. A representative from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry can walk a beneficiary through his or her UI fraud questions and find out if repayment is necessary. To report someone committing unemployment insurance fraud in PA, the fraud hotline can be of assistance, but there is an online option as well. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry has an online resource in which UI fraud can be reported. Often, when reporting unemployment insurance fraud, residents prefer to remain anonymous. The online resource allows the ability to stay anonymous while still reporting UI benefit fraud. To learn more about reporting unemployment fraud in Pennsylvania, as well as knowing what to do when an unemployment benefits fraud investigation begins, download our helpful guide today.

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