How to Renew Your SNAP Benefits in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania food stamps renewal is available to all households that maintain their SNAP eligibility. Eligible households may fill out a food stamps renewal application if their assigned certification period is approaching or has recently passed. These households can renew food stamps online or by other methods, such as visiting a count assistance office (CAO). On this page, households will learn how to renew food assistance benefits as well as when they must fill out a SNAP renewal application.

What is a Pennsylvania food stamps renewal?

You can renew your Pennsylvania SNAP benefits after your certification period ends if you still qualify for the program. Renewing food stamps is only possible if your household meets SNAP eligibility requirements, such as household income and circumstances. The CAO assigns certifications based on the same eligibility factors as when you first enrolled. You are required to apply for food stamps renewal at the end of your household’s certification period if you still need assistance. Without a food stamps renewal, your benefits will run out. The certification period begins on a set day of the month. You should have an idea of when to renew SNAP benefits since the CAO must notify you of the dates that your certification period covers.

Your food stamps renewal application is processed by the CAO. The CAO is responsible for completing your SNAP renewal application by the time your certification period is over. Conversely, you are responsible for applying for food stamps renewal in a timely manner so that you do not experience a gap in benefits. If you do not renew your food stamps by the time your certification period ends, then you are at risk of losing your SNAP benefits. The CAO will send you a confirming notice explaining that your benefits are on hold. However, if you fill out a SNAP renewal application within a certain time from the end of the certification period, then you will continue to receive food stamps without interruption.

Completing the food stamps renewal application “in a timely manner” means your household has completed all required steps on time. You have not completed a SNAP renewal in a timely manner in the following cases:

  • If you do not complete and send a food stamp renewal application to the CAO before the certification period ends
  • If you complete and submit the application after the end of the certification period
  • If you do not complete a new SNAP benefits interview with the CAO
  • If you fill out the SNAP application but do not provide verification information requested by the CAO within 30 days of your certification period’s end

For more information about recertifying for SNAP benefits, download our comprehensive guide here.

Requirements for Renewing Your Pennsylvania SNAP Benefits

In order to apply for your food stamps renewal, your household must fill out and submit the correct application form in a timely manner. The PA food stamps renewal process also requires you to attend a benefits interview with a county assistance office and provide any necessary verification documents or information when requested. You will have a deadline to submit verification for your food stamps renewal, which is set after the CAO requests certain information. There may be different certification forms that you will have to fill out depending on your household’s particular circumstances.

How to Renew Food Assistance Online and By Other Methods in Pennsylvania

You can submit a food assistance renewal form online, by mail or in person. The online food assistance renewal form is the fastest way to request additional SNAP benefits. The online food stamps renewal method requires you to create an account, log in, select your benefit provider, check your eligibility for benefits and provide any necessary information before submitting. To apply for SNAP renewal by mail, you will need to download, print and complete an application then mail it to your local CAO. This application is available in English and Spanish online. To apply for SNAP renewal in person, you must visit a CAO, fill out the application provided and follow all steps in which the CAO instructs you. The CAO staff can instruct you on how to renew food stamps online, by mail or in person if you have questions about the process. You can also find comprehensive information about SNAP in PA including the eligibility requirements to renew by downloading our free guide.

Who is eligible to renew SNAP benefits in Pennsylvania?

It is important to know how to renew food assistance benefits in Pennsylvania as well as who may do so. Pennsylvania food stamp renewal is available for all households that still meet income, citizenship and other eligibility requirements and who also fill out all required forms and provide verification in a timely manner for renewal. Not all households who receive SNAP benefits during a certification period will be eligible to renew food stamps.

What Is the Division of Family and Children Services in Pennsylvania?

The state of Pennsylvania provides services for families and children who are most in need. The division provides resources for free and reduced lunch, food stamps and temporary cash assistance for needy families. To find out if you are eligible for these services, download our comprehensive guide to review the eligibility requirements for each program.

How Can I Apply for Assistance Through the Division of Family and Children Services?

In order to be considered for the benefit programs offered by the Division of Family and Children Services, you must submit an application via an approved method. Additionally, many of the services provided by the division have eligibility requirements that you must meet to obtain benefits. Learn all about the application processes for these programs by downloading our guide.