Reinstating a Suspended Drivers License in Pennsylvania

When a driver is issued a suspended drivers license in Pennsylvania, he or she can no longer legally operate a motor vehicle on public roads. A drivers license suspension is issued to a driver when he or she has committed a serious violation – or multiple violations – within a specific time period. Drivers should learn about the consequences of driving with suspended licenses in PA, which may include additional suspension time and fines. A driver may only reinstate drivers license credentials after a suspension when he or she has served the time period of suspension set by the court or the PA Department of Transportation (PennDOT). When reinstating drivers license credentials is an option for a driver, he or she should follow the requirements listed on the restoration letter. A drivers license reinstatement can only occur when a driver has completed all the necessary steps in the restoration process, including paying the restoration fees. To find out more about drivers license restoration in Pennsylvania, what information is included in the restoration letter and the reasons a license may be suspended in the state, read through the information provided below.

Reasons for Pennsylvania Drivers License Suspension

A driver should check drivers license suspension in Pennsylvania on the Department of Transportation website if he or she suspects a license was suspended. A revoked drivers license may occur because the driver:

  • Received too many parking tickets that were not paid.
  • Received too many moving violations or accumulated too many unpaid tolls.
  • Was issued a DUI.
  • Had an accumulation of too many drivers license demerit points.
  • Was convicted of a felony that involved the use of a motor vehicle.
  • Failed to stop and provide aid at the scene of a car accident, resulting in the death or personal injury of a person.

A Pennsylvania provisional drivers license, also referred to as a probationary license, is issued to qualifying drivers who have had their licenses suspended for five years or more. The provisional license allows these drivers to operate their motor vehicles legally during the day, but the drivers must prove they are free of additional violations to earn this privilege. When attempting to reinstate a suspended drivers license with a probationary license, there may be additional regulations for driving, including the installment of an ignition interlock on the vehicle. In addition to the reasons mentioned above for a drivers license suspension in PA, a driver may also be issued a suspension if he or she commits a serious traffic violation. To review additional reasons for a revoked drivers license, download our free and informative guide.

The Pennsylvania Drivers License Restoration Letter

When a driver is issued a suspended drivers license in Pennsylvania, the Department of Transportation offers a restoration requirements letter. The drivers license restoration letter lists the tasks and requirements the driver must meet and complete if he or she wants to reinstate the license. When reinstating drivers license credentials in PA, a driver is also responsible for the fines and fees for restoration. The fees due – and how to pay them – is provided on the drivers license reinstatement letter sent to the driver. To obtain the driving license restoration letter, a driver must visit the Department of Transportation website and provide identification details. For confidentiality purposes, a Pennsylvania suspended drivers license restoration letter can only be viewed online after the driver agrees that he or she is attempting to access his or her own letter, and not another driver’s reinstatement requirements.

The drivers license suspension reinstatement requirements letter can be viewed for free online, but is only mailed to the driver a month before he or she is eligible for reinstatement. Drivers license reinstatement dates are also provided in the restoration letter, so the driver knows when he or she can sign online again to attempt reinstatement. The requirements to reinstate drivers license in PA can be viewed online at any time for no charge. Many drivers print their drivers license restoration letters and keep copies available to review the guidelines for reinstatement, whenever needed, without signing into the Department of Transportation’s online portal. Learn more about license restoration by downloading our complimentary guide.

How to Reinstate a Drivers License in Pennsylvania

After receiving a drivers license suspension in Pennsylvania, a driver should review the restoration requirements letter to learn about the eligibility date for potential reinstatement. A driver caught driving with a suspended license before completing the steps to restore the license may be issued additional suspension time, extensive fines and potential jail time. A driver can check drivers license suspension requirements by downloading the restoration letter or by contacting the Department of Transportation and asking for a mailed copy of the letter. Since requirements for drivers license reinstatement may be different for each driver depending on the reason for license suspension, it is pertinent for a driver to review the requirements listed on the letter thoroughly. The requirements to reinstate a suspended drivers license in PA may include:

  • Paying drivers license restoration fees.
  • Serving a period of time without a license.
  • Completing drivers education courses.
  • Paying for – and installing – an ignition interlock system.
  • Attending a court hearing.

When all drivers license suspension requirements are completed by a driver, he or she may receive confirmation from the Department of Transportation that the license has been reinstated. If a PA provisional drivers license is issued for a period of time, a driver should review the responsibilities and guidelines of the license. To find out more about reinstating a suspended drivers license in Pennsylvania, download and review our comprehensive guide.