SR-22 Insurance in Pennsylvania

SR-22 is a certificate of financial responsibility that may be required by certain licensing departments after a drivers license suspension, a DUI, the accumulation of demerit points or a major violation. However, SR22 insurance in Pennsylvania is not a requirement for drivers who have committed major violations. Drivers wondering, “What is an SR22 certificate?” can learn more about why licensing offices require this certificate, and how it is obtained. However, cheap SR22 insurance in PA is not required, and drivers will not be asked for this certificate when attempting to learn how to reinstate a drivers license, or after being sanctioned for an accumulation of demerit points on a driving record. Although an SR-22 form is not required in Pennsylvania, all drivers must carry proof of financial responsibility for their vehicles at all times. The cheapest SR22 insurance is an auto insurance policy that offers the state’s minimum liability coverage requirements. To find out how to get SR22 insurance in Pennsylvania, what this certificate is and when it is needed, review the following information.

What is an SR-22 in Pennsylvania?

An SR22 filing in Pennsylvania is not required, even for drivers who have recently reinstated their drivers licenses, been convicted of DUIs or been charged with another serious violation. To adhere to other states’ SR-22 requirements, a driver needs to obtain a certificate from an auto insurance agency or a company that proves he or she purchased an acceptable policy and paid the premium entirely. An SR-22 form is signed by an insurance company representative, and verifies that the driver has purchased the proper coverage limits and activated the policy by paying in full. The SR-22 insurance form is not signed by an insurance representative if the policy has not been paid fully by the driver at the time of purchase. The completed SR-22 filing is submitted to the respective DMV, and this process must be repeated until the driver has satisfied the insurance requirements set by the court or state department.

While an SR-22 in Pennsylvania will never be requested by the Department of Transportation, or PennDOT, all drivers must consistently hold the proper auto insurance on their vehicles to legally operate them in the state. SR22 insurance may not be ordered by the DMV, but law enforcement may ask to see proof of insurance from drivers at any time. To learn more about SR22 in PA, download and review our detailed guide.

When is Pennsylvania SR22 insurance needed?

An SR-22 form in Pennsylvania will never be requested from drivers by the DOT. Drivers should review how to get SR22 certificates, but the Pennsylvania DOT implements different types of penalties, fines and fees for drivers who commit major violations. Instead of an SR-22, drivers in Pennsylvania may be ordered to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicles after being convicted of PA DUI charges, or they may face drivers license suspension. While an SR22 filing is not required, drivers may also be asked to submit proof of auto insurance when they purchase new vehicles in the state. Failure to show proper proof of insurance may result in a vehicle registration suspension, drivers license suspension and additional fines and fees.

A search for the cheapest SR22 insurance is usually conducted by drivers in states that order these certificates. Drivers in states that require SR-22 certificates will find themselves paying their auto insurance policies upfront to obtain the forms, if requested. An SR-22 form is so important when ordered by the DMV, because submitting it prevents a drivers license suspension or additional consequences for drivers. While SR22 insurance in PA is not a penalty enforced by the DOT, drivers who are asked to complete additional tasks after being issued violations should adhere to the guidelines to prevent facing more consequences.

How do you obtain cheap SR22 in Pennsylvania?

A Pennsylvania SR22 insurance certificate is obtained by drivers the same way regular auto insurance is acquired. Drivers should still learn how to get SR22 in PA, even though PennDOT will not ask for this form. To get an SR-22, a driver must contact an insurance company or an agency and purchase an acceptable policy that meets the state’s SR-22 insurance liability limits. To receive a completed and acceptable SR22 insurance form, the driver must pay the policy in full and ask the insurance representative for the proper paperwork. An SR-22 form must be submitted to the DMV for a driver to meet the requirements, and failure to do so may result in penalties, fees or a license suspension. SR22 filing in Pennsylvania is not necessary for drivers, but minimum liability coverage must be obtained through an auto insurance company to legally operate vehicles. While cheap SR22 insurance is not mandated, drivers should purchase auto insurance, and may be asked for proof when registering a vehicle, restoring a drivers license, restoring a vehicle registration or when involved in a car accident. To find out more about SR22 insurance and when proof of insurance may be requested, download our free and informative guide.