Traffic Tickets & Penalties in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania traffic citations are issued to drivers who are not following state traffic laws. When traffic violations are issued to drivers, they have the right to dispute charges if they feel laws were not broken. Drivers who pay speeding ticket assignments without attempting to fight traffic ticket issuances have admitted fault.

Drivers should review DUI laws in PA to ensure they do not operate motor vehicles while intoxicated over the legal limit. DUI consequences can be severe, and may involve license suspension, drivers license points and penalty fines. After being charged with DUI, drivers should review the steps to reinstate licenses with the PA Department of Transportation (PennDOT). When a driver is penalized with a drivers license suspension in Pennsylvania, he or she cannot legally operate a motor vehicle in the state. Drivers should check drivers license suspension and reinstatement requirements, because they may need to serve time without a license before the DMV allows for reinstatement. The steps toward drivers license reinstatement may involve obtaining the proper insurance and paying fees or fines to the DOT.

SR22 insurance is not a requirement nor a penalty issued in Pennsylvania, but financial responsibility must be maintained by car owners to legally operate vehicles. Some states request a SR-22 form after a violation, which informs the DMV that proper insurance was purchased by a driver, and is paid in full. While the requirement for cheap SR22 insurance in Pennsylvania is not requested after a violation, a driver should learn the insurance requirements of the state to avoid penalties for not carrying proper coverage.

When specific traffic tickets are issued to drivers, they may result in the accumulation of demerit points on the driving record. The Pennsylvania point system is administered by the DMV as a way to penalize drivers who are issued several tickets in a short period of time, or those who have committed major violations. Many drivers ask, “How long do points stay on your license, and how can points negatively impact driving records?” Learning how the demerit point system works and the consequences of penalty points on a license is important for a driver who wishes to legally operate a vehicle in the state.