How to Change the Address on a Pennsylvania Car Registration

In Pennsylvania, an address change on car registration is required by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) after moving to a new street address. Changing car registration address information must be filed with the DOT within 15 days of moving to the new address. Some Pennsylvania drivers may ask how to change the address on your car registration. Once you have a change of address car registration application, it is a fairly straightforward process. When you want to change car registration address information, you may notify the DOT by filing the proper forms online, by mail or in person at a DOT location. Learn more about DMV car registration address change procedures in Pennsylvania by reviewing the sections outlined below.

How to Change Car Registration Address in Pennsylvania Online

Pennsylvania motorists may wonder about how to change address on registration documents in the event they move their residences. A DMV car registration address change can be changed by visiting the Pennsylvania state government’s website and then navigating to the Online Vehicle Services Login Page. To complete a change of address car registration application online, you will need to have several pieces of information at the ready to input into the corresponding fields on the online application. Your application to change a car registration online requires that you have your vehicle’s title number, in addition to your vehicle’s license plate number. The DMV change of address registration online application also requests that you provide the name of the insurance company that provides you with your auto insurance coverage and the dates for which your insurance policy is in force. Another piece of information required when changing your car registration address is the odometer reading on your vehicle. You must also provide your Pennsylvania driver’s license number. The Pennsylvania DOT also recommends having a working printer. When you complete the change of address car registration application online, you may print out a temporary Pennsylvania auto registration card. Keep the temporary card with your registration card until you receive the new Pennsylvania auto registration card with your updated address in the mail. Learn more about online DMV address changes in our free, downloadable guide.

Pennsylvania Address Change on Car Registration by Mail

Changing a car registration address by regular mail requires a different procedure. If you are changing car registration address information only, or if you are changing car registration address information, as well as your PA driver’s license, you must complete a Change of Address form. This form differs from changing an address on a drivers license, only. Once the address change on car registration application is complete, simply send the form in to the address noted on the form for processing by the Pennsylvania DOT. Review more details about car registration address change applications by downloading our comprehensive guide.

Change of Address on Pennsylvania Car Registration in Person

To change a car registration address in person in Pennsylvania, you will first need to complete the change of address car registration application. To complete the application for a car registration address change, you will need to provide a list of all the individuals and vehicles in the household that are to be affected. The application form also asks for the new address to which you are moving, and any update, should anyone on the change of address car registration application form have a need for a disability parking placard.

You may download the change of address car registration application from the PennDOT website, or you can obtain one in person. Note that the Change of Address form in PA will not apply to Pennsylvania residents who are moving out-of-state.

Read more about DMV address changes in our complimentary guide.

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