Pennsylvania Traffic School

Pennsylvania traffic school is a program intended to assist already licensed drivers to improve their skills. Sometimes called DMV traffic school in other states, this program is unaffiliated with Pennsylvania’s Department of Transportation (DOT), which typically handles most of the state’s driver-related services. A defensive driving course is available through many third-party providers in the state and is part of a national program to improve a licensed driver’s proficiency in operating a motor vehicle.

This driver improvement course is not a requirement for driving in Pennsylvania, but it can provide you with certain benefits upon successfully completing it. More details on the benefits of this course can be found in the information below. You can also find an explanation of what this course entails as well as the different ways in which this course is provided.

What is Pennsylvania traffic school?

Traffic school in many other states consists of a class or series of classes that licensed drivers to take after they have been issued a ticket for committing a traffic violation. Attending a driving school is sometimes offered as an option in these states for a driver to avoid any negative impact on his or her driving record, such as accumulating points on a license. The state of Pennsylvania does not allow its licensed drivers to use traffic schools to this end. As such, a driving course in Pennsylvania serves a much different purpose. A driver improvement class is available in the state to help drivers better their skills. Focusing on defensive driving practices, this course is offered as part of the National Safety Council’s initiatives to increase the number of safe drivers in the country. Officially referred to as DDC-4, this course consists of four hours of intensive classroom instruction. Instructors for this course must be certified by the National Safety Council (NSC). This defensive driving class teaches lessons pertaining to aggressive driving, the effects of fatigue on safe driving and how to recognize hazards and avoid collisions. Additionally, students learn techniques for defensive driving techniques as well as how to assess their driving skills and determine their personal driving styles. You can take this traffic school online or in person through many independent physical and virtual driving schools located across the state.

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The Benefits of Traffic School in Pennsylvania

An affordable traffic school in Pennsylvania has the primary benefit of helping you become a better driver. By taking driving classes, you not only increase your safety but that of other drivers and passengers. Many drivers’ experience with learning traffic laws and driving techniques from a certified instructor may have come only from attending driver’s education courses when they were just learning how to get a driver’s license. Many times, a driver may not have attended these classes for years or even decades. The lessons that these driving courses offer may no longer be fresh in a driver’s memory, making it possible for him or her to forget some potentially important traffic laws. Additionally, traffic laws may change over the years and also require that a driver learn new driving techniques. A defensive driving course may provide a driver with an ideal refresher to ensure that he or she can safely operate a motor vehicle. In addition to the education a driver improvement class offers, these courses may have financial incentives offered through many insurance companies. Upon completing a defensive driving class, you will receive a wallet-sized card that you may be able to present to your insurance provider for a discount on your auto insurance. Not every insurance carrier may offer this discount, though, so contact your provider to verify whether such an incentive is available.

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Online Versus In-Person Traffic School

A defensive driving course may be offered online or in person through many independent providers across the state of Pennsylvania. An online driving school typically provides the most convenient option for attending this course. Online driving schools can be accessed almost anywhere and allow you to complete a course on your time. Many online courses do not have a live instructor and sometimes there is no way to receive personal attention or ask questions for information about Pennsylvania driver’s licenses. An in-person traffic school may be a better option for you if prefer to interact personally with a live instructor or if you prefer a more traditional classroom setting. Keep in mind that in-person schools offer classes at fixed times and dates. Additionally, these traditional driving schools may not always be conveniently located and may require you to commute a far distance in order to attend. “How much is traffic school?” is a question you may ask yourself after familiarizing yourself with this program in Pennsylvania. Fees for these courses vary from one school to the next, but many online schools may charge less for the same course, as they typically do not have the same expenses associated with owning a physical school. Note that while there may be many options for online and physical driving schools in the state, not all of them may be certified to teach the NSC defensive driving course. Be sure to inquire if a school teaches the DDC-4 course before enrolling in a school and paying any fee, particularly if you are looking to receive an auto insurance discount.