Pennsylvania Driving Records

A Pennsylvania driving record is a document that holds various pieces of information about the driver’s history. Your driving record will list basic personal details like your address, date of birth and gender as well as a significant amount of information about prior accidents, ticket history, license credentials and more. Driving records have traditionally been used by government and law enforcement to track driver violations and record important information. However, they are becoming increasingly relevant for other purposes, as many employers and insurance companies use them to make important decisions. Fortunately, your DMV driving record is available for request if you wish to learn about what it contains. Your driver record contents could potentially affect your insurance premiums and even your likelihood of being hired for certain jobs, especially for those that require driving. As a result, verifying the information your record can be of the utmost importance. Find out how to check your driving record in Pennsylvania through a trustworthy third-party provider.

Order Your Pennsylvania Driving Record Online

Your Pennsylvania drivers record is available for request quickly and conveniently online. To order your PA DMV driver record, you will simply need to provide your name, address and driver license number. After specifying what kind of record you want and paying a small fee, your record will be sent to you. When you check driving record details using this method, you skip the hassle of a trip to the Department of Transportation (PennDOT) or the added time it takes to mail a physical application and await a response. Driver records requested online will contain all available information related to your personal driving history for at least the past three years. Ordering your record online is the best way to ensure your information is up to date and correct. Depending on which option you choose, you may have access to your complete history. Get your driving record online today through a trusted third-party provider.

Request Your Pennsylvania Driving Record by Mail

Your PA personal driving history is available for request by mail with a physical application. Pennsylvania DMV driver records obtained with a physical application will include the same information available through the online service. Therefore, if you would prefer not to wait the extra days it might take for your application to reach the Department of Transportation (PennDOT), then ordering driving records online is your best option. When ordering your OH personal driver history by mail, it is essential that you complete all the required parts of the application before mailing it. If you fail to provide any required information, then your request may not be processed and you will not receive a copy driving record. When you check driving record details by mail, do not pay the fee in cash, as your payment will not be accepted and your application will not be processed.

Obtain Your Pennsylvania Driving Record at the DMV

If you are wondering how to get a copy of your driving record in Pennsylvania, then the Department of Motor Vehicles allows you to obtain the document in person by visiting a PennDOT location. When checking your PA driving record in person, you must provide proper identification. Be sure to call the DMV location you are planning to visit to ensure it is able to process your request. Although you may not be able to make same-day appointments, you should ask to make an appointment to avoid the long wait times if possible. Running a DMV record search in person will yield the same information as doing so online, so many drivers prefer the convenience of ordering personal driver histories from the comfort of their own homes. You may request driving records online today through a verified third-party provider.

What types of Pennsylvania driving records are available?

Four PA personal driving record types are available for drivers in the state who want to check their DMV driving histories. Each of these Pennsylvania personal driving records contains the same type of information, but the differences between them are the length of time that the reports cover and in their certification status. Pennsylvania offers a three-year driver record, a 10-year driver record, a full history record and a certified driver record. The drivers record types available for online order are the three-year, ten-year and full history records. You are not able to order the certified record online. However, there is no difference in the type of information included in the certified and uncertified records. The certified record is more expensive and can be entered as evidence in a court of law. If the DMV driving history you are requesting will not be used for official purposes, then an uncertified record is your best choice. Request access to your record through an independent third-party provider.

What information is on your Pennsylvania driving record?

Pennsylvania driving history records contain virtually all essential information available about you as a driver. Your PA driving record includes your personal information, details about accidents you have been in, tickets you have received, violations you have committed and points on your license. Your driving history also includes information related to your license, including your license status, driving endorsements, driving restrictions and more. To learn more about your record and what it contains, order a copy today.