How to Obtain a Motorcycle License in Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania motorcycle license, or a Class M motorcycle license, is overseen by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). The motorbike driving license is available to all riders who meet the state requirements. Like all other license classes, getting your motorcycle license will involve a thorough application process that you must complete in order to begin riding, which may include an educational course on motorcycle safety and associated costs. Review information on the necessary motorbike licensing steps for each age group and how to obtain a Class M license by browsing the information below.

Pennsylvania Motorcycle License Application Process

Before applying for a DMV motorcycle license in Pennsylvania, applicants should note that there are some aspects of the process which will only apply to those between the ages of 16 and 18. For all ages, however, the requirements are as follows:

  • Complete the DL-5 Motorcycle Learner’s Permit Application form
  • Pay the fee when you bring the completed DL-5 form to a Driver License Center
  • Complete a vision test
  • Pass the motorcycle knowledge test

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Motorcycle Learners Permits in Pennsylvania

When getting your motorcycle license, you may also wonder why all applicants (including experienced riders) must first receive a learner’s permit. This is because the state of Pennsylvania requires all riders to become familiar with the state’s specific laws surrounding motorcycle riding. To get a full bike license, obtaining a learner’s permit is required, although some applicants may already be experienced.

All riders with motorbike licenses in the form of learner’s permits are limited to operating their vehicles only between sunrise and sunset; nighttime riding is not allowed. Additionally, these riders can only do so with the supervision of another licensed operator, and cannot carry passengers unless they are certified instructors. Even experienced riders must comply with this rule until they are fully licensed. Note that for all riders, the motorcycle license cost – once all of the previous requirements are satisfied – will depend on the type of motorcycle registration requested, and other licenses/classifications riders may possess in the state of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Motorcycle License for Minors

Before receiving your full bike license, there are a number of additional steps that must be taken if you are between the ages of 16 and 18 and have also received your learner’s permit. Along with the permit, riders between these ages seeking full bike licenses in PA will need to complete supervised riding hours, a motorcycle safety course and hold their permits for a certain amount of time.

In order to receive a license for motorcycle riding, riders between 16 and 18 must first complete 65 hours of supervised riding. Only an adult (18 and over) who also has a valid Pennsylvania motorcycle drivers license should supervise a learning rider. Note that all the aforementioned restrictions also apply. When submitting these hours for validation at a Driver License Center to receive the full bike license, the applicant will need a parent or guardian to verify the accuracy of the hours. If these riders do not bring a parent or guardian, they will need to bring the form with notarization.

These riders must also complete the basic rider course through the state. This course will contribute 15 hours to the learner’s requirement, and also waive the road skills test so that the rider can immediately receive the full bike license after paying the applicable fees and submitting all documentation. On the day of the rider’s completed submission for the motorcycle license, he or she will need to bring in a Certificate of Completion as confirmation.

Lastly, the learner must hold this permit for a period of at least six months before moving forward with the application for a full motorcycle license.

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Pennsylvania Motorcycle License for Adults

If you are over the age of 18 and have also received a learner’s permit, you have two choices: you may schedule a road skills test for a motorcycle license online or at a local Driver License Center, or you may register for a basic rider course to waive the skills test.

The former option is a good choice for experienced riders seeking their PA motorcycle licenses, as this is the most immediate choice for those who may have been licensed in another state and have recently moved to Pennsylvania or are self-taught. Upon completion of the road skills test, a new motorbike license applicant over age 18 can immediately begin riding.

The latter option, however, is good for new riders interPennsylvania Motorcycle License for Adultsested in obtaining their full bike licenses in Pennsylvania. Although a new rider may be over the age of 18, the basic rider course will provide the applicant with valuable knowledge on rider safety, teach him or her how to ride a motorcycle and allow the applicant to waive the motorbike licensing road skills test. Download our comprehensive guide to read more about motorcycle license procedures in PA.