Pennsylvania Motorcycle License & Registration Services

Before requests for either a Pennsylvania Class M motorcycle license or a motorcycle registration will be awarded, certain requirements must be met. In an attempt to maintain an educated and diligent riding population in Pennsylvania, both the license and motorcycle registration processes have been designed to thoroughly ensure that applicants understand state laws and safe riding practices. All motorcycle drivers license holders in PA should learn about the application procedures for receiving their motorbike driving license credentials and motorcycle registration papers, along with understanding how each process ties into the goal of rider safety.

A full bike license in PA will be awarded only to those riders with a demonstrated knowledge and an ability of safe riding. This knowledge will be gauged by either the applicant’s completion of a motorcycle safety program course (as administered by the state of Pennsylvania) or the applicant’s performance on a road skills test. In addition, eligibility requirements play a large factor in how applicants may succeed in receiving their license for motorcycle riding in PA.

In regard to motorcycle registration, the process is similar to registering cars and trucks, but there are some differences in documentation and verification for PA motorcycle registrations, specifically. Moreover, the documentation needed varies for riders when they want to register motorcycle vehicles in a variety of circumstances such as leases, private purchases and out-of-state vehicles.