Pennsylvania Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) FAQs

  1. I just moved to Pennsylvania, and my driver’s license has been expired for seven months. Can I renew it?
    If you are a new resident in the state and your driver’s license has been expired for longer than six months, you must first obtain a learner’s permit with the Department of Transportation (DOT). After meeting the learner’s permit requirements, you may take the steps to obtain a Pennsylvania driver’s license.

  3. How do I extend the expiration of my learner’s permit?
    If you failed your skills test three times or more or your learner’s permit has expired, you may ask the Pennsylvania DOT for an extension. The extension is good for one year past the issuance date.

  5. Can I take the road test for my license somewhere else?
    There are acceptable third-party non-commercial driver’s license skills testing services available throughout the state. These organizations may charge a small fee to complete the test. The driving test is the same one administered at the DOT office.

  7. I need to renew my driver’s license, and I also need to change my name. Can I do it online?
    You can only renew your driver’s license online if there are no changes associated with the renewal. For a name change and renewal, you will need to visit a DOT office and bring proof of the name change, including an updated Social Security card.

  9. I lost my driver’s license and ordered a duplicate. What do I do in the meantime?
    If you have filed for a duplicate license online, the system should offer you a temporary driver’s license card to carry with you that is valid for 15 days. When your new license arrives, you can throw away the temporary card.

  11. I need to change both my name and address on my driver’s license. Can I do it online?
    An address change may be completed online, but a name change must be completed in person at a DOT office. You must present original documents to prove the validity and legality of your name change.

  13. Can I get a Pennsylvania identification card as a minor?
    Yes. A Pennsylvania identification card is available for residents 10 years of age or older. However, all residents younger than 18 years of age must bring a parent or guardian with them when applying for identification cards.

  15. I am a commercial truck driver and just received a DUI with my personal vehicle. Can I still work?
    If you are convicted of a DUI, your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is revoked. You must complete all requirements to have your non-commercial license reinstated before you attempt to have your CDL reinstated.

  17. My CDL has an “E” restriction on it. What does that mean?
    “E” is a new CDL restriction created in Pennsylvania. It means the commercial driver cannot legally operate a commercial vehicle with a manual transmission. With an “E” restriction, you can only drive commercial vehicles with automatic transmissions.

  19. I was in the military, and now I want to drive a truck for a living. Do I need to complete all the CDL exams?
    If you are an ex-service member who has at least two years of experience driving a commercial vehicle similar to the one you will be driving for work, you may be exempt from the CDL skills test. You must still apply for a CDL and successfully pass the knowledge test.

  21. My CDL driving privilege has been suspended. Do I still need to turn in a medical exam?
    If you plan to eventually restore your CDL, you must continue to turn in medical exams or self-certifying exams to the DOT. If you fail to turn in a medical or self-certifying exam before the deadline, your CDL endorsement may be removed and a non-commercial license issued.

  23. Can I drive at night with my motorcycle learner’s permit?
    No. If you only hold a motorcycle learner’s permit, you can only operate the motorcycle between sunrise and sunset.

  25. I renewed my car’s registration online. When will I receive it?
    If you renewed your vehicle registration online, Pennsylvania’s DOT no longer mails the new registration document. You must print your updated document after completing the renewal process. If you ordered a registration renewal by mail, you should receive it within 10 days.

  27. Why was a new registration sticker not included when I renewed my car’s registration?
    The Pennsylvania DOT no longer uses registration expiration date stickers for license plates. Car owners must continue renewing registration before deadlines, but stickers are not sent with updated registration documents anymore.

  29. I cannot find the title to my car. Can you send me another one?
    To order a duplicate title, you must complete the Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title by Owner and mail it in or submit it in-person to a DOT office along with the appropriate fees.

  31. My vehicle requires an emissions inspection. How often do I need to do this?
    An emissions inspection is due once every year, at the same time or before you complete your annual safety inspection.

  33. In my DUI case, the court ruled that I must participate in the Ignition Interlock program. How many ignition interlock systems do I need to install to comply with the requirement?
    You must install an ignition interlock system on each motor vehicle you own at your own expense. If you do not own a vehicle, you must certify that with the DOT.

  35. I received a speeding ticket in another state. Will I get points on my Pennsylvania license?
    If you receive a speeding citation or another similar violation in another state, you will not receive points on your Pennsylvania license. However, if you do not respond to the citation or receive a major violation, such as a DUI, it may affect your Pennsylvania driver’s license.

  37. As a mature driver, do I need to renew my license for four years?
    Drivers who are 65 years of age or older have the option of renewing their driver’s licenses for two years instead of four years if needed.

  39. Do I need to re-apply for my driver’s license veteran designation each time I renew?
    No. Once you have applied for a veteran designation on your Pennsylvania driver’s license, it will continue to appear with each renewal or duplicate you order through the DOT.