Pennsylvania Veteran Drivers

“What is a veteran designation on a driver’s license in Pennsylvania?” is a question that veteran drivers often ask. A veteran designation on license credentials is added to the card for residents who have served in the United States Armed Forces. A driver’s license veteran designation is a way to acknowledge respect for veterans by identifying them on government-issued identification cards and driver’s licenses. A veterans ID card in PA holds the same visible designation to easily identify residents who have served the country. Residents who review how to get a veterans ID card may learn that the designation is added to an existing license or identification card when a resident claims he or she is a veteran. While a veterans identification card cannot allow for the retrieval of benefits or preferential treatment through the Department of Transportation (DOT), it may be used at local businesses to prove eligibility for potential veterans’ discounts. The PA requirements for veterans license plates must be met before plates are issued to drivers to ensure they are true veterans. To learn how to get a veteran license plate, ID card and designation on a driver’s license, read through the information below.

Obtaining a Veteran Designation on License in Pennsylvania

A veteran designation on a drivers license must be applied for by a driver who has served in the armed forces and wishes to be acknowledged with the designation. Drivers may ask “What is a veteran designation on a driver’s license and what does it look like?” The Pennsylvania driver’s license veteran designation is a small American flag with the word “Veteran” printed underneath it.

To meet the requirements for obtaining a veterans ID card or driver’s license, a driver must have actively served in the Armed Forces and have a Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty. Additionally, a Pennsylvania veteran drivers license can be issued to applicants who served in the Reserves or National Guard. To meet the requirements for a driver’s license veteran designation in Pennsylvania, a veteran must have served a full term of active duty or have been dismissed from duty honorably. When applying for a veteran designation on a license in PA, the DOT does not ask for proof of service, and each driver is required to self-certify his or her qualifications. If a veteran identification card or driver’s license is issued to a driver who claims to be a veteran but he or she does not actually meet the designation’s qualifications, the license or identification card may be cancelled. To find out more about the veteran designation on license credentials and the requirements for obtaining this designation, download our informative online guide.

How to Get a Veterans ID Card in Pennsylvania

The veteran ID card application process in PA is similar to the process for obtaining a veteran driver’s license. Veteran residents wondering how to get a veterans ID card can apply for a duplicate identification card or a card renewal on the DOT website. A Pennsylvania veterans identification card does not register a veteran to legally drive a vehicle, but it can be used as a government-issued identification card for many security and transaction purposes. The same requirements set for a drivers license veteran designation are applicable for an identification card designation. A veteran ID card should only be applied for by qualifying veterans who have served in the Armed Forces. While the DOT allows drivers to self-certify that they qualify for veterans designation identification cards in PA, there are severe consequences for knowingly obtaining the designation without meeting the requirements. The veteran identification card application process is free, but the applicant may be responsible for card issuance, duplication or renewal fees when applicable. There is no additional charge for requesting a Pennsylvania veteran designation on id card, and the designation may be applied for when renewing or changing information on an existing identification card with the DOT.

Pennsylvania Requirements for Veteran License Plates

A driver must meet the requirements for a veterans license plates in Pennsylvania to qualify for a special license plate. When reviewing how to get a veteran license plate, drivers will learn that the DOT is strict when determining who qualifies for specific special veterans’ plates. The veteran license plate application process includes the DOT checking the driver’s credentials and discharge paperwork to ensure he or she qualifies for a special license plate. While there is only one type of driver’s license veteran designation, there are several different types of veteran license plates available through the DOT. To receive a PA veteran designation on license plate, a veteran must have served in active duty in the Armed Forces, have acceptable discharge papers and have been discharged for a reason that was not dishonorable. The requirements for veterans license plates may vary depending on the type of plate a veteran applies to receive. For example, to obtain a veteran license plate with a Purple Heart designation, a driver must submit a copy of the general order and a copy of the Certificate of Award or certification of the award. When researching how to get a veteran’s license plate in Pennsylvania, drivers will learn there are different documents and proof of service paperwork requested by the DOT depending on the specialized license plate requested. To learn more about what is a veteran designation on a driver’s license and how to obtain a specialized veteran license plate, download our comprehensive guide.