How to Renew a Drivers License in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, you must renew drivers license credentials prior to having an expired drivers license. It is crucial that you perform a drivers license renewal in a timely manner, either in person or you can renew drivers license online, so long as you meet eligibility criteria. With a bit of know-how, renewing drivers license credentials can be a simple and quick task, rather than a hassle. The information provided below will cover the drivers license renewal methods available in Pennsylvania, as well as the consequences for failing to renew your drivers license in Pennsylvania.

When to Perform a DMV License Renewal in Pennsylvania

Typically, when it comes to how to renew drivers license credentials in Pennsylvania, you must do so every four years, as your license will expire the day after your birthday on that fourth year. The exception to this rule comes to drivers who are over the age of 65, as they have the option, though not the requirement, of renewing a PA drivers license every two years, instead. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) will automatically send you an invitation to renew your drivers license three months prior to the expiration of your PA drivers license. The invitation will also provide you with the drivers license renewal methods that are available.

This is one reason that keeping your address updated with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is so vital, as you may not be able to renew a driving license without this invitation. In the event that you do not receive your drivers license renewal invitation, you will need to complete a renewal application and either mail the application or bring it to your local Department of Transportation office. Download our free guide to read more about drivers license renewal in PA.

Pennsylvania Drivers License Renewal Online

When the time comes to renew your PA drivers license, you may be wondering, “Can you renew your license online?” Fortunately, for most, the answer is yes. An online drivers license renewal is by far the most convenient way to renew a drivers license, and you will be eligible to do so if you meet the following requirements:

  • Your license is non-commercial
  • Your license has not yet expired
  • The information on file, including name and address, is current

Read more about online drivers license renewal procedures in our comprehensive guide.

Where to Renew Drivers License in Person in Pennsylvania

In order to renew drivers licenses in Pennsylvania at approved photo centers, you will need to first receive your invitation to renew. Once you have received this form, complete the renewal application and include a check or a money order that will cover your driving license renewal fee amount, payable to PennDOT. Do not send cash, as it will not be accepted. A camera card will be mailed to you within seven to 10 business days, once the form has been processed. If you do not receive the camera card, you will need to contact the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. You can perform a drivers license renewal at any approved Pennsylvania photo center once you have received your camera card. Additionally, you will need to bring with you documents that prove your identity, citizenship or lawful status and proof of residency. Alternatively, you can also visit the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Active Military Drivers License Renewal in Pennsylvania

If you need to renew PA drivers licenses, but you are currently on active duty and are stationed outside of the state of Pennsylvania, your drivers license will remain valid until 45 days after your return. This driver license renewal exception will also be extended to any spouse or dependent children who reside within the same household.

Make sure that you apply for a Military Status Endorsement Card by completing the appropriate application and submitting it along with documents that proof your current military status in order to ensure that your Pennsylvania driving record remains valid during enlistments and extended absences from Pennsylvania.

Upon your return, when renewing drivers license credentials, you will need to complete the same steps as anyone else would when renewing a drivers license in person, as you will no longer be eligible for drivers license renewal online.

Pennsylvania Expired Drivers License Consequences

Should you fail to renew your drivers license credentials in Pennsylvania, the result will be an expired driver license, which means you will no longer be permitted to operate a motor vehicle. In addition, you will no longer be eligible for an online drivers license renewal, and you will only be able to renew in person. If your drivers license has expired, it is crucial that you renew your driver license as soon as possible, as PennDOT has strict rules when it comes to an expired license. In fact, if your drivers license remains expired for more than six months, you can no longer perform a drivers license renewal, as you will be required to start the entire process of obtaining a license over, again. This means that you will have to apply for a learners permit and follow learners permit rules and regulations for a minimum of six months before you will be eligible for a drivers license. You will also need to retake all drivers license-related tests.