Driving Exams in Pennsylvania

A drivers test in Pennsylvania can mean both the first and last step in obtaining your Pennsylvania drivers license, as these tests are required throughout the entire licensing process. You will need to pass all drivers tests in order to complete the drivers licensing application process in Pennsylvania. A drivers license test can be completed rather easily, so long as you understand the rules of the road. You may have a lot of DMV drivers test questions, but the sections that have been provided below will go over each drivers license test, including the vision exam, the written drivers test and the road skill drivers test.

Vision Drivers Exam Requirements in Pennsylvania

The first drivers test in Pennsylvania that you will need to complete is the vision exam. A vision exam is required both when obtaining a learners permit and when obtaining a drivers license as a new Pennsylvania resident. This driving exam is done at the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles during the application process. In order to successfully pass, you must meet a 20/40 visual acuity, with or without corrective lenses. It is important to note that if you wear your corrective lenses during this drivers license test, you will be required to be wearing them when you drive, and that restriction will be displayed on your drivers license. Should you fail this drivers test, you will be required to visit an optometrist, an ophthalmologist or a family physician in order to test your vision. The eye specialist will need to complete a Report of Eye Examination Form (DL-102) before you can obtain a restricted Pennsylvania drivers license, where you may be restricted to daylight driving. Learn more about DOT eye exams in our free, downloadable guide.

Pennsylvania Written Drivers Test

The next drivers test in Pennsylvania is the written drivers exam, a tool used to test your knowledge on good driving habits, Pennsylvania traffic laws and overall common sense and safety when it comes to operating a motor vehicle. This Pennsylvania drivers license test is required as part of the learners permit requirements in the state. While there are not many questions in the written drivers test, make sure that you study the Pennsylvania Drivers Manual carefully, as you are only allotted three incorrect answers.

The written drivers test is based upon the material that can be found in the Pennsylvania Drivers Manual, and the manual will even contain sample test questions and answers that you should study before attempting the exam.

With each written drivers license exam that you fail, you will be required to wait at least 24 hours before you can attempt the test again. Therefore, being prepared will save you a lot of time and hassle. If you need help studying for your driving test, use a practice drivers test that may help give you an edge when you take the real exam.

Pennsylvania Road Skills Driving Test

The last Pennsylvania drivers test you will need to successfully complete is the road skills drivers license test. This DMV drivers test is designed to demonstrate your ability to operate a motor vehicle safely while abiding by Pennsylvania traffic laws. It also ensures that you can perform the basic maneuvering of your vehicle, such as turning, parking and stopping. If you have ever taken a drivers ed test, you will likely find the road skills test to be similar in nature.

In order to be eligible to schedule a drivers exam in Pennsylvania, you must have held your learners permit for a minimum of six months, and if you are a minor, completed all of your practice driving hours. Most Pennsylvania residents who meet these qualifications will be able to schedule their driving license test appointments online at one of the locations that have been approved by the state of Pennsylvania, and can be found on the PennDOT website. It is recommended that you bring your own vehicle with you, as a rental car may not be eligible for the test, depending on the rental lease agreement. Additionally, in order to begin the Pennsylvania driving test, you will be required to show proof of car registration and proof of insurance that meets the state’s minimum requirements.

It is important to ensure that you feel ready and confident before attempting this drivers test, as you may only take the road skills test three times on each permit. That means that should you exceed that limit, you will be required to start over with a new learners permit and wait an additional six months before you are eligible to attempt the road skills test, again. If you are over 18 and you fail this portion of the driver license test, you must wait one day before you can attempt it again. If you are a minor, you must wait seven days.

The road skills DMV drivers test will begin with the inspection of your vehicle. Ensure that your vehicle can perform safely on the road and is working properly, including turn signals and brake lights. Failing the inspection for you driving test in PA will still count against your allotted three tries. Once you have passed the inspection portion of the drivers test, you will be required to demonstrate your driving ability with the instructor in the passenger seat of your vehicle. During your road test, make sure that you adhere to all instructions to the best of your ability, avoid distractions and do not make small talk with your instructor. If you fail your test for a driver license in PA, be sure to ask your instructor about failing marks so that you know your areas in need of improvement.

Learn more about required driving tests in Pennsylvania by downloading our comprehensive guide.