Rising Industries in the State of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a state with a very rich history. Throughout the years, many businesses have come and gone in the state. As is the case with many states, Pennsylvania’s economy is undergoing significant change. Each year, new industries are growing and representing a larger share of the state’s production. For many residents, may look like certain industries are on a decline in Pennsylvania, but this is due to some industries simply being outdated. Pennsylvania previously saw huge industry growth with steel production, petroleum processing and coal mining. All of these industries are on a decline, but that is only because they are being replaced with newer industries throughout the state. The following sections discuss a few of the fastest-growing fields and industries in Pennsylvania.

Food Products and Organic Produce in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has always had a strong agricultural industry, so it is not surprising that both food products and organic produce are on the rise. In Pennsylvania, food production focuses largely on specialized food, typically products that are sold in grocery chains that place a greater emphasis on eating healthy. Some example of food products from Pennsylvania include eggs, fruits, corn, milk, poultry and mushrooms.

Many plants and other organic produce consumed across the United States also come from Pennsylvania. This part of the industry is not growing quite as quickly as food products in general, but it is still on the rise. In fact, Pennsylvania has one of the highest number of organic farms in the United States, producing livestock, vegetables, field crops, tree nuts and berries.

Paints and Chemicals in Pennsylvania

There are a few industries that are naturally dying and being replaced throughout the state. Pennsylvania used to be one of the biggest oil producers in the country, but that is no longer the case. However, the state has made up for this with a huge boom in storing and refining industrial chemicals. Many of the paints and solvents that other businesses use come from Pennsylvania.

Another reason this industry is doing so well has to do with changes in freaking-related laws. Fracking is a special type of hydraulic fracturing. In the past, fracking was much more heavily regulated because it posed a risk to the environment. However, over the last several years, the technology has evolved to create a much safer process, resulting in the lifting of many of the previous regulations. With a much greater emphasis being placed on using natural gas, this industry is only expected to experience more growth in Pennsylvania.

Publishing in Pennsylvania

Another old industry that has always been part of Pennsylvania is publishing. When industries started to decline during the 2000s, publishing was one of the big industries that experienced a loss. This was not solely limited to Pennsylvania. One of the reasons that the publishing industry declined throughout the county was simply due to the decline of printed material in favor of online content, most notably eBooks.

In recent years, the publishing industry has started to grow once again, especially in Pennsylvania. Overall, the publishing industry is not growing as quickly as some of the other industries, in no small part because it is still competing with digital options. However, the fact that there was a big boom at all is very promising for the publishing industry.

Broadcasting and Telecommunications in Pennsylvania

The broadcasting and telecommunications industry has always done fairly well in Pennsylvania, but it experienced a significant surge around 2015. Broadcasting and telecommunications generates some of the largest profits of any industry within the state. Despite that, it is not the largest industry in the state, but it is one of the most successful. Based on how much income it is generating, broadcasting and telecommunications is expected to grow even more within the next five to ten years.

One of the reasons this is such a good industry for the state is due to how many jobs it incorporates. For example, broadcasting and telecommunications growth often leads to an increase in other areas, such as increasing the demand for translators and research analysts.

Industrial Machinery and Equipment in Pennsylvania

One of the oldest industries in the state is industrial machinery and equipment. The state has always been one of the biggest contributors to the steel market. In recent years, the state has shifted away from simply producing fabricated metals and has transitioned into producing natural gas. Many other states are following this trend, with the majority of the component parts coming from Pennsylvania. Many of these parts are created through forging, but some metals can only be produced by machinery.

As a result, the state has experienced a surge in engineering jobs. Programmers are also highly sought after in the state. Traditional industrial maintenance jobs are also experiencing a surge in popularity, including welders and tool operators. While this surge is not as significant as some of the other industry jobs, that is largely because welders and tool operators were already sought after in the state.