Everything You Should Do Before a Job Interview

If you are trying to obtain a new job, then you will have to undergo some sort of interview process. You may interview with an individual or a group of people. You may also have to undergo several rounds of interviews before a final hiring decision is made. If you are new to the job market or have not interviewed for a new job in several years, then you must familiarize yourself with the latest interview practices before you begin your job search. There are several steps you may need to take prior to arriving for your scheduled interview. Preparing for the interview process will help you to maximize your chances of being hired. Below is a list of everything you should do before a job interview and the reasons why following those procedures may help you get hired.

Research the Company Before Your Job Interview

One mistake you must avoid when scheduling a job interview is going into the interview with no knowledge of the company with which you are interviewing. Your interviewers will notice that you have not done any research on the company, and this can negatively affect your chances of getting hired. Researching the prospective employer ahead of time will also help you to discover whether or not you actually want to work for the company. You may discover that you would not be a good fit for the company or do not agree with company practices during the research process. If so, you can avoid the interview process altogether and apply to work for another company instead.

There are many ways in which you can research a company. Several online websites offer information about the business practices of established companies. A quick look at the company’s website or a web search will also reveal blogs, press releases, reviews by company clients and reviews by former employees, which can all help you to prepare for your job interview.

Use Goods or Services Offered by the Company Before Your Interview

Prior to your interview you must research the goods or services offered by the company as well. Begin by viewing the company’s website to learn about the products or services offered. Then, if possible, purchase and utilize some of those products or services. The first-hand knowledge you will gain in doing so will help you to stand out from other job applicants during the interview process.

Research Your Interviewers if Possible

You may be able to request information about the person or people who will be interviewing you prior to your interview. If you are able to get the names of your interviewers, take time to research them online. You may be able to use the information you learn to establish a rapport with your interviewers at the time of your interview, which may give you an advantage over other job candidates who have not done similar research.

Update Your Social Media Accounts Well Before Your Interview

Prior to your interview and, if possible, prior to ever applying for a new job, you must update your social media accounts. Your interviewers will most likely look up your name online before the interview to learn about you. Therefore, if you have any personal images or posts on your social media accounts which you would not want your new employer to see you must make sure those posts are deleted or blocked from public view well before your interview is scheduled to take place.

Prepare Questions to Ask During Your Interview

When researching the company and the services or products it provides make note of any questions you want to ask about the company during your interview. Asking questions will show your interviewers that you have done some research about the company, which will make you stand out in a positive way. You will also learn more about the company and the tasks you will be expected to perform by asking questions during the interview process.

Prepare Yourself to Answer Questions

You must prepare yourself to answer questions during the interview. Anticipate the fact that you will be asked certain basic questions regarding your background and qualifications. Also, practice the general process of staying calm while being interviewed. Ask a family member or friend to pretend to interview you in order for you to practice answering questions and while remaining calm.

Prepare a Portfolio of Necessary Documents to Bring to Your Interview

You must make sure you bring any necessary documents with you to your job interview. Prepare ahead of time by organizing a portfolio of work samples, references and necessary documents in the days leading up to your interview date. If the position for which you are applying requires any additional documentation, such as certificates of completion for specific courses, include those documents in your portfolio, as well.

Choose Your Interview Attire Carefully

The clothing you choose to wear to your interview will make an immediate statement to your interviewers. If you arrive for a job interview in casual attire your interviewers may feel you are not taking the interview seriously. However, you must also adapt your interview attire for the position in question. Certain professions may require you to wear casual attire.